Bournemouth peregrines

BoPH_DWT terns test HTML5 DaCast

Bookham Farm Barn owls HTML5 DaCast

DWT Barn owls Lorton test stream HTML5 DaCast

Woodhall Spa test stream HTML5v DaCast

Woodhall Spa website stream

Langford Lakes test SD2

BoPH SD2 test

Exeter SD2 test

Loch Arkaig ospreys SD2 stream test 2017

Staffs WT Peregrines

Loch Arkaig ospreys YouTube Live stream test 2017

BoPH SD2 Mac hide test 2017

Gaia Trust SD2 test 2017

BoPH SD2 Holton Lee test












Dorset otters, May 2006
2 otters, black and white, click on above image for video clip

Click above image for colour footage of dog otter
May 2006, (6secs)

There is sound with these clips

Buzzards, Kingston Lacy, June 2006
(click on image to play video clip)

Kestrels, Kingston Lacy, June 2006
(click on image to play video clip)

Honey bee cam
Camera situated inside a bee hive
Bookham Farm July 2006


Link to DWT video clips

Link to Swallows

Link to Inside out

Link to Portland Bill ptz

Dexters logo

Swallow a fly





Refresh a

Portland seabirds

Bournemouth Oceanarium

Stream window types


Little owls

Bat survey

Beehive camera webpage

Radipole otters 111109

Live kestrel stream 2009 video webpage snapshot

Osprey Platforms

Grantham Peregrines

Test refresh dyndns


RSPB Ospreys BBC Breafast piece 240410

Kestrels Lorton food pass in box 230410

youtube embed

WW species account kestrels

Pole camera GS woodpecker

Pole camera Ring-necked parakeet

Poole Harbour osprey platforms

Test stream 1 WW

Test stream 2 WW

Barn Owl wedge box camera

Tawny Owl, County Hall

jwp teststream

Arne RSPB teststream for RSPB site

DWT1 teststream

WW stream 1 swf ver

WW stream 1 swf ver 2


Arne test stream 2 (get Adobe)

DWT stream test 2012

FP stream 2012

Attenborough stream test 2012

DWT Little owls test stream 2012 PS

Portland refresh

Divers Down stream test page

BoPH test stream

SWT test stream

DaCast test

Axis M7001 refresh

WW test stream 02

DWT BOs 2013

Cors Goch auto refresh test

Cors G test JP 3

DaCast test March 13 2014


Exeter peregrines test stream 2014

WW stream test FLASH DC 2014

WW stream test HTML5 DC 2014



DWT Barn owls Lorton test stream 2014 HTML5

BoPH Barn owls Swineham test stream 2014

Somerset WT HTML5 stream test

Attenborough test HTML5 2014

HH stream test 2014

Surrey WT stream test 2013

BCT test stream 2013

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